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A technically strong dissertation consists of high quality but concise writing to actually impress your supervisor. One of the most important sections in your dissertation is the methodology. The methodology describes the main aim of your research and breaking down in steps how you will achieve the aim you have set out for yourself through established methods.

Begin your methodology with a small introduction to the methodology section. The introduction of the methodology should state the aim of the research, covering challenges that may be acting as hurdles in achieving the objective of the dissertation. This should ideally be covered in a paragraph and have a heading of its own within methodology.

Write a summarized version of your research methodology next. This paragraph could be longer than the introductory paragraph of your methodology. The summary should cover all the major components of your methods you have used to conduct your research. Your aim in this paragraph of your methodology should be to inform the readers about the methods being used but without detail.
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Your next paragraph should be a detailed extension of your methodology. The first part of your extended methodology should explain your data collection techniques and methods employed. It should be detailed but not overly wordy. 

Your detailed extension of the methodology should serve the purpose of describing precisely all the methods you used to achieve your research goals. You may gain marks with including the materials, participants, research duration and procedures involved in the extended methodology.

Just like other chapters of the dissertation, methodology chapter writing requires careful approach. It takes you through surveys, interviews, observations, experiments and analyses. You will have to explain the methods used if your topic is new. In any case, the success of your research largely depends on its methodology.

Certain stages should be included into methodology chapter writing, like deciding the questions to be answered and considering potential problems in finding the answers. Dissertation methodology addresses research questions and focuses on the targeted goals. It should be concise, simple and well defined so that anyone without the knowledge of the subject could catch the idea easily.


You should know that dissertation methodology influences the success of the whole paper. Since its writing demands a strategic and careful approach, it has to be done with special attention. Most of the students find methodology chapter writing to be a very difficult task. You have to take extreme care of every step. You may need to use a helping hand of professional experts to guarantee a successful result.

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