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MIND POPPING, ATTENTION GRABBING! That’s what your dissertation introduction should feel and look like. Writing dissertation introduction might sound easy as it contains only one page content; however, the scenario is otherwise. Dissertation introduction is actually a one or two paragraph attention grabbing content that is meant to present a brief but clear idea of what you want to do ahead with your dissertation. Your dissertation introduction must be written prior to the dissertation so that it sets out a brief outline on what your dissertation will be about.
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Your dissertation introduction should ideally be half a page or two paragraphs long. A dissertation introduction should grab your professor’s attention with a fact or question to provoke them to think. An analogy or a short, interesting quote may work just as perfectly as long as it makes the reader think in the right direction.

When writing dissertation introduction, one should set the tone of the paper in a way that it is able to give a clear indication to the reader about what you will seek to research into in your dissertation. Your dissertation introduction has the power to either convince or repel your reader into reading the rest of your research paper. Things that make a dissertation introduction writing a good one…Inserting specific statement while writing dissertation introduction.Dissertation introduction writing should compel your reader to read till the end.
Precise and concise content is a necessity for writing dissertation introduction.



It is said easier than done; dissertation introduction writing requires a lot of technical aspects to be taken care of. It seems easy to write one or two paragraphs; however, if you don’t know what actually one needs to write then you’re flying with no wings. Writing dissertation introduction should include two things fore mostly i.e. conciseness and preciseness.The specific statements that you write in your dissertation introduction should form the body of the paper largely. Throughout the dissertation introduction writing you must state the main points of your dissertation so that the reader is aware of what the dissertation will investigate.

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