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Finance Dissertation

This article is going to give you help, idea and topics on finance dissertation. Loosing your mind since you just can’t appear to find any valuable corporate finance dissertation topics as you can’t ask your teachers it’s an ego thing.

Accounting and finance studying degree in your final year with module like tax, auditing, financial reporting, financial reporting, and you need help in finding an accounting and finance dissertation topic.

If you doing MBA Finance and want some MBA finance dissertation topics associated to personal finance but don’t comprise any idea how people are managing their own finances, exactly what to research for, and what would be interesting and why?

The dissertation topics you are going to read below will surely spark new ideas and provide fresh perspective to your way of thinking. No problem which degree you are enrolled in, be it an MSc finance, MBA finance, or BA finance.

Personal Finance Dissertation Titles:

a. The analysis of ever rising personal debt situation, how people manage to get into and out of it?
b. Will the economic predicament have an impact on students’ loan? If so, how and why?
c. Personal auto finance has been a cause of increased accidents and traffic within the UK This is one of the reasons of money floating within the nation which is good for the economy but how can the deficits be reduced
d. You could also think student loans. Line of Credit or private Student Loan? Which is better for college tuition fees?

Corporate Finance Dissertation Ideas:

a. The central problem of Corporate Governance for UK listed firms is therefore rendering managers accountable to shareholders. Investigate the ways in which the mechanisms used to control these managerial agency problems are enforced.
b. Explain how the use of derivatives can be used to determine maximum profit and minimal cost.
d. The Role of Arbitrageurs in the Takeover Process
e. Can Foreign Portfolio Investment Bridge,the Smaller Firm Financing Gap Around the World?

Banking Dissertation Topics in Finance:

 Is there any connection between Service creativity & Profitability in a commercial bank? How do the creativity for services in a bank recognized as following situations:
Creativity as boundary breaking in a bank
Creativity as innovative in bank
Creativity as boundary pushing in a bank
b. Prevention of Frauds in Banking System of United Kingdom ... Focus on the utility of Internet banking, mobile banking to the banks, disadvantages, cost-benefit analysis, and suggest measures to over come the shortcomings associated with these channels.
c. Analyze the influence of quality in retail banking, in particular its emergence as a source of competitive advantage in personal banking.
d. An analysis of the effect of the deregulation of a commercial banks investment.
e. How commercial banks can battle poverty more effectively than they are doing at the moment. "Can the provision of micro-finance be lucrative for commercial banks?"


1. What are the downsides to microfinance and micro-crediting? And what are effective alternatives to microfinance?

2. Transition to the cash economy: the design, description and analysis of a microfinance program in indigenous San communities in western Botswana."Microfinance: its impacts on Children and Women."

3. The impact on women: women empowerment; women knowledge of health, nutrition, and other basic social services messages.

4. The impact on children: education (enrollment rates), health and nutrition; child labor.

Accounting and Finance Dissertation Topics:

What are the intangible and tangible inflows/outflows which can help in the management of Cash flow?
b. How the contemporary accounting theory one differs from the second issue?
c. What is the role of contemporary accounting in identifying the capital accumulation’s conflicts?
d. Will raising the national minimum wage change the face of poverty in America, or will every income level jump with it.

Risk Management:

a. Assessing Risk in Introducing High Tech Products. New software implementation where all of your current systems are going to be replaced with a single, enterprise wide system like People soft or SAP.
b. Purchasing mortgage backed securities in today's market. Most are probably undervalued due to the scare but how do you manage the risks.
c. Purchasing a home in a declining market.

Alternative Investment:

What is US response to the Alternative Investment Market for stock trading?
b. An analysis of the disadvantages of using the payback period to compare investment alternatives.
c. Some alternative investment options available for investors that are safe other than stock market?

Islamic Finance Dissertation Topics:

Is there a critical but analytical evaluation of Islamic financial instruments? A Comparative Literature Survey of "Islamic Finance and Banking"
b. Discovering Customary Law for Governance and Regulation of Emerging Markets.
c. Integrating Islamic Financial Services Industry with International Financial and Securities Markets.

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